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January 15, 2022
A viral video shocked Twitter users this week as a young child admitted in a TikTok live that his mom..
December 2, 2021
A heated verbal exchange occurred outside the North Carolina State Senate chamber when Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson (R) took a..
November 29, 2021
The Dutch government has issued a formal apology for a law that required transgender individuals to be sterilized and have..
November 16, 2021
A New Hampshire student-athlete is suing his school district after he was suspended for saying there are “only two genders.”..
August 28, 2021
High school teacher Kristin Pitzen told her students that in the absence of the American flag in her classroom which..
August 27, 2021
Activists are voicing concern over the future of LGBTQ+ people in Afghanistan as the Taliban takes over the country and..
August 16, 2021
The U.S. Embassy in Kabul faced backlash for flying the Pride flag during June, and amidst the Taliban’s swift takeover..
August 7, 2021
Elijah Schaffer mobilized his fans after the woke mob descended on the owner of a Star Wars shop following a..
August 7, 2021
A Christian pilot gave a very personal and graphic 3-minute speech over a loud speaker about his sexual preferences and..
August 5, 2021
U.S. shot putter, and activist Raven Saunders turned her backside to the camera and twerked after completing her last throw..
August 3, 2021
Former husband Tea-Lynn Van Dyk, 36, came out as transgender to wife Gabrielle Van Dyk, and the Ontario couple is..
August 3, 2021
Disney put Gonzo, a familiar male Muppet, in a dress and reintroduced him as transgender princess “Gonzorella” in a recent..
August 2, 2021
A Harvard professor is facing blowback from her department’s head of diversity for using the words “male” and “female,” and..
July 27, 2021
Many fans expected more from Jungle Cruise, the new Disney movie with the first official gay character who is “out.”..
July 19, 2021
A Muslim member of the Fairfax County School Board has received criticism from a student-led LGBTQ+ group over her alleged..