Popular TV host calls fans to action when woke activists threaten small business owner who said men can’t be women

Elijah Schaffer mobilized his fans after the woke mob descended on the owner of a Star Wars shop following a verbal altercation with a transgender city councilmember over a sign in the shop that reads, “If you are born with a dick, you are not a chick.”

“This guy won’t accept the lie that men can become women so democrat [sic] brown shirts are going to try to destroy his business tomorrow. Anyone who can go help him protect his business, please do so. God be with you, film everything, get faces of criminals, I’ll amplify your footage,” Schaffer’s Tweet reads.

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Aberdeen, Washington City Councilmember Tiesa Meskis confronted Don Sucher, owner of Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop, over his sign. “Everybody loves it,” Sucher tells Meskis. “They take pictures of it. They post it. 9/10 customers love it.”

“You know what, that’s bullshit,” Meskis responds.

“I don’t give a f–k about feelings anymore,” said Sucher. “I went to Vietnam to fight for all this s–t. Do you think I care about some a–holes feelings? Absolutely not!”

“Really? We’re going to show them this side of you,” Meskis says to the camera. “Hopefully, we can wake you up. Let’s wake you up to the truth, sir.”

The tense confrontation continues for over five minutes as Meskis repeatedly yells, “Trans women are women” and Sucher repeatedly yells back, “You’re nuts, you’re not a woman.”

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Watch the complete footage here:

“I stand with Sucher, biologically men can’t be women #science,” tweeted someone.

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“Stand strong brother 1st Amendment,” someone else agreed.

“The old man is entitled to his first amendment rights. He also doesn’t need to care about anyone’s feelings. He’s a veteran, and a business owner. Don’t like his business? Don’t shop there. I hope he gets someone local to protect him from domestic terrorists,” observed another.

“I think this guy is an asshole and I think he’s gone way overboard but I also don’t think he should get his business destroyed for it. I bet I could talk Star Wars with the guy for a couple hours at least,” tweeted another person.

“Hope some good people showed up to help this man,” said someone else

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Tiesa Meskis also tweeted about the situation saying, “I am very overwhelmed at the support I, and my partner, have received.  It far outweighs the hate and gives us strength! Thank you all, much love to our community. #LGBTQ #TransWomenareWomen #TransRightsAreHumanRights.”


“I’m very sorry you encountered that man. I don’t understand why people need to be so mean,” someone responded to Meskis.


“As a fellow giant person who is intrigued with being a woman I have to applaud your full on use of your size and presence to intimidate that smaller man. Although we can wear cute outfits we can never forget how we can use our 6’+ frames to completely dominate any social situation,” another commiserated

Since the altercation went viral on social media, Sucher’s store has received hundreds of five-star reviews on Google.

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