Florida Department of Health says Covid numbers are wrong, expects CDC to correct mistake

The CDC reported a huge number of Covid cases in Florida on Sunday, and the state health department says that’s not right.

“Wrong again. The number of cases @CDCgov released for Florida today is incorrect. They combined MULTIPLE days into one. We anticipate CDC will correct the record,” read a tweet from the Florida Department of Health.

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The Florida Dept. of Health maintains that the count is an error on behalf of the CDC, resulting in an incorrect total of 28,317 positive cases for Sunday. If the CDC count is accurate, Florida will have set the record for the most positive cases in one day in the state since the beginning of the pandemic.

The state health department said the accurate count for Sunday is 15,319 Covid+ cases.

“Imagine that? The CDC is wrong. Again,” one person responded on Twitter.

“CDC is at their lying ways again to push a false narrative. Can we please rename it for 2022 Center of Dystopian Cacophony,” another user replied.

“Call them out on their bullshit Florida,” another agreed.

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“More deaths than any other state. Blood on your hands #RonDeathSantis,” stated another person.

“I can’t believe an official state health dept. is posting unprofessional snarky crap like this while their state is on fire in the middle of a pandemic. Oh, and they aren’t posting county-level COVID *death* data AT ALL anymore,” observed someone else.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been a vocal opponent of further lockdowns and vaccine and mask mandates, but he has encouraged Floridians to get the vaccine. The governor’s critics have cited his positions and policies on mask mandates and lockdowns as evidence that they aren’t a safe path for the state, given that its Covid cases and hospitalizations are on the rise.

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DeSantis’s supporters herald his actions as evidence that he protects their rights and is not afraid to call out government tyranny and non-science-based policies and restrictions. DeSantis has been unafraid to call out politicians and celebrities, and many expect his popularity to lead him to a presidential run in 2024.