Couple claims home targeted by vandals over their Black Lives Matter sign

An Ohio couple says their home was targeted by vandals who spray-painted “all lives matter” on their home because they supported Black Lives Matter.

“It’s just rude and bold and small-minded,” homeowner Mary Piunno said about the unidentified vandal who spray-painted her home. “I think that they’re people who have a very narrow view of what means equality in this country. Frankly, I think they’re losers,” she added.

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Mary and her husband Ralph claim this isn’t the first time her home has been targeted, saying her Black Lives Matter signs have been stolen from her yard in the past. However, this is the first time someone has actually vandalized their property.

Along with their BLM signs, the couple also displays a Pride flag in their yard. “Primarily because I live in a diverse neighborhood, and I want people to know where I stand,” Piunno said about her choice to display the flag.

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“It doesn’t mean white lives don’t matter. It just means that we need to have respect for black people in this country and that there are black people who are being disproportionately harmed in this country, and we need to let people know that black lives do matter,” Piunno said in regards to her support for BLM.

The couple says they will not let this discourage them from showing their support in the future.

“If people wanna keep messing with us, as far as I’m concerned, that’s fine. I will just turn around and make a donation to Black Lives Matter,” she said.

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In May, someone stole their BLM sign from their front yard, and Piunno went out and bought a brand new one the day later.

“If I were to take down my black lives matter sign, then I’ve let the racists win,” she continued.

The suspect who has not been captured was seen on the couple’s security camera walking up to their home wearing a hoodie around 3:15 a.m. Friday carrying a spray paint can. The couple says there’s no doubt their home was the target of a premeditated attack.

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