Brother-in-law slammed for praising Cuomo as ‘exemplary’ public servant

Kenneth Cole, the brother-in-law to Chris and Andrew Cuomo, is receiving criticism for holding up New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s 40-year career as something to emulate.

“Do we all not remember the extraordinary clarity @govnycuomo brought everyone at a time of such confusion & despair and light at a time of such darkness. Do people really feel that after 40 yrs of exemplary public service, ones legacy should be extinguished without due process?” he tweeted Thursday.

Twitter users responded to his tweet largely with disgust and disbelief.

“F[*]ck off, weasel,” Tsar Becket Adams responded to Cole’s tweet.

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“I mostly remember the extraordinary number of dead bodies in nursing homes because of his “leadership,” remarked someone else

“Is that what we call *mass murder* nowadays? ‘Clarity’??” another said

“He put COVID patients in nursing homes, and then lied to officials about how many thousands of elderly people died as a result. And there are many allegations that he was serially harassing women. But he did make sure you got priority treatment, so at least he’s a nepotist too,” tweeted Spike Cohen, former VP candidate for the Libertarian Party.

“Thanks VIP Covid test thief,” said meteorologist Janice Dean.

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“You cut the COVID- testing line ahead of elderly people, you hack!” agreed VoicesForSeniors.

Some users brought up the fact that Cuomo was quick to condemn Justice Kavanaugh, and that both Cuomo and Cole have advocated for #BelieveSurvivors.

“I dunno… How about we ask @andrewcuomo his thoughts,” suggested another.

“Lololol hypocrite,” replied someone else

“What do you mean without due process? he got a months-long AG investigation with a bunch of witnesses and an impeachment committee wrapping up an investigation, and if he’s impeached he’ll be permitted to defend himself,” observed one Twitter user

“The lengths that people will go to excuse someone not only responsible for thousands of senior deaths, but who is a also [sic] a predator is unreal. Disgusting,” tweeted another person.

Still, not all responses were negative. Some loyal Twitter users expressed support and concern for the governor’s wellbeing. 

“Kenneth, my heart is breaking for him and your family.  In all my 63 years I’ve never seen anything like this.  No matter what happens, he is the best thing that ever happened to NY,” said someone.

“During the worst of times, @NYGovCuomo became important to more than just NY’ers. My sister in SD, parents in AR, me in NE all turned to him. Cuomo led the nation for more than a year. He matters to us too. #DueProcess,” commented another.

“Governor Cuomo has been and is the beacon of NY State and the entire nation. I have followed his career for years and nothing in the AG report will change my opinion of Governor Cuomo. GAC is an outstanding leader and exemplary leader and human being,” one Twitter user wrote

Fashion designer Kenneth Cole founded his namesake brand in 1982. He married Maria Cuomo, Chris and Andrew Cuomo’s sister, in 1987, and they have three children.

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