Biden says 350 million Americans, more than the entire population, have been vaccinated

President Biden, peering at his notes, said not once but twice during a press conference Friday that 350 million Americans have been vaccinated against COVID-19, which is more than the country’s entire population.

“We have to get more people vaccinated. I said well over, what’s the number again [looks down at notes] I have to remind myself, 350 million Americans have already been vaccinated.” 

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He likely meant to say that roughly 350 million vaccines have been administered, which is significantly different.

Biden looks down at his notes a second time and repeats the same incorrect statistic. “You know, we have roughly 350 million people vaccinated in the United States and billions around the world, and virtually no one’s died because of that vaccination.”

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There are 328 million people in the United States, and it takes two shots to be fully vaccinated. The latest data from the CDC shows that 49% of the U.S. population, 163.9 million people, have been fully vaccinated. 189.9 million people, 57% of the population, have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

As of July 26, 6,587 Covid cases resulted in hospitalizations or death among fully vaccinated people. 1,263 people died even though they were fully vaccinated. 

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Bloomberg gathered data from 35 states and found over 111,748 breakthrough Covid cases.

Dr. Fauci warned Americans that more “pain and suffering” were on the horizon as the Delta variant spreads and Covid+ cases go up across the country.

“Things are going to get worse,” he said but added that more lockdowns are unlikely.

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