Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed for masking up during photoshoot, removing it after

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez received criticism for appearing to put a mask on only for the duration of a photoshoot, immediately removing it while socializing in a large crowd outside the Capitol building.

The congresswoman was taking part in a staged protest on the Capitol Building to urge the CDC and President Biden to extend the eviction moratorium, which allows tenants who refuse to pay rent to remain in place.

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“AOC masks up for a photo-op, then removes it afterwards,” tweeted the Post Millennial, along with a video of the incident.

Reactions to the congresswoman’s mask theatrics spread across social media.

“more celebrity than politician,” replied one Twitter user.

“Looks like a super spreader event to me,” replied another.

“She is a faker like everyone else in the Swamp. And all those people surrounding her know it. But Democrats believe in ‘any means to an end’ and they’ve convinced themselves and a good percentage of America that they are the ‘good guys,'” replied someone else.

“Your kid is expected to wear a mask in school all day. @AOC is only expected to wear a mask if she realizes a camera is on,” said Keith Malinak.

“Everyone bashing Florida for not mandating mask but yet AOC can sit in a group of people UNMASKED before a photo op, then take it off afterwards not to mention biden is allowing unmasked, unvaccinated covid positive migrants to illegally cross our boards #FloridaCovid,” said someone else.

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