GOP senator slammed for tweet calling infrastructure bill ‘fiscally responsible’

Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) says the Senate’s $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill is “HARD infrastructure” and is “fiscally responsible,” and people are calling him out for it.

“This is a long thread, but it’s worth a read. It’s worth a read because Bill Cassidy accidentally wrote a 9 part thread that perfectly defines how the Right lost every part of this culture in less than a century,” tweeted Jesse Kelly.

Cassidy says his tweet thread is educational – that it’s going to clear up “a lot of misinformation.”

“It’s a fiscally responsible bill,” he tweeted. “The people of Louisiana do not want it. You will not be elected again,” someone replied.

The Senate revealed the text of their $1 trillion bipartisan “Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act” last week, and within the 2,700 page bill there are billions of dollars in spending that have little or nothing to do with the nation’s infrastructure needs.

Cassidy claims the bill is all about “HARD infrastructure,” yet it includes hundreds of millions of dollars for projects like “invasive plant species removal,” $50 million in research on a new per-mile “road usage” tax, and $2.5 billion in green energy subsidies for schools and non-profits.

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He makes claims that the bill is “fully paid for,” citing the repurposing of $53 billion in “unused” employment insurance as an example.

“Like this pay for? Seriously?? “$50B in savings from HHS considering and then deciding against a Medicare regulation. Like we canceled out [sic] $5K vacay so we now have $5 savings to spend,” someone Tweeted in response.

“$3,500,000,000.00 minus $412 = $0 (Politicians math),” noted a Twitter user.

“Senator, you covered about 400 billion in this thread. What’s the other 800+ billion being used for?” asked Jason Buttrill.

He assures Americans that the use of a word commonly associated with that Critical Race Theory, “equity,” does not indicate the inclusion of CRT in the bill. “Critical Race Theory is not in this bill, never has been. Equity is not a catch-phrase for CRT. Language in this bill DOES NOT change current anti-discrimination laws at all,” he claims.

“‘Equity is not a catchphrase for CRT’ … God help us,” observed Amber Athey.

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Cassidy touts the per-mile road usage tax as being just a “study” on the subject. “What you are hearing is about a study to figure out if such a fee would even be possible for issues like electric cars driving on our streets without paying the gas tax like the rest of us,” he said.

“I am done with Senator Bill Cassidy. He is entirely too defensive of this monstrosity of an Infrastructure Bill, prattling on about roads AS IF that’s actually where all this money’s going. I can read, sir. We may as well send a Democrat,” concluded one Twitter user.