Biden praises ‘bravery’ of transgender Americans just days after ignoring bravery of troops at D-Day

President Joe Biden received stiff pushback for ignoring the anniversary of D-Day on June 6, then, a day later calling transgender people “so brave” on twitter.

“To transgender Americans across the country — especially the young people who are so brave — I want you to know your President has your back. During Pride Month — and all the time,” Biden tweeted.

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Reaction’s didn’t go as planned, with hundreds of twitter users demanding Biden “show them” how he has their backs. Empty platitudes aren’t pleasing this crowd.

“Where? How? New anti-trans laws are passing at the state level every week. What are you doing to stop it? We feel abandoned. We have real needs and just saying “i have your back” is not convincing. Neither is “supporting” legislation (Equality Act) which you don’t actually pass,” one user replied, who garnered 2.8k likes.

“Then please give me healthcare so it won’t cost me thousands of dollars for gender affirming surgery. I had some money set aside but you won’t do anything for student loans so I have to clean up after you on that front too,” begged another user.

“What would be really helpful for trans people is universal healthcare that includes coverage for all transition related procedures. As well as explicit protections in anti discrimination legislation and unqualified student loan forgiveness,” demanded another.

“Also greater support for disabled people and removing the restrictions that force them to live in poverty And I know all my trans friends and I would love if you stopped financing the Israeli government’s ongoing occupation, apartheid and ethnic cleansing of Palestine,” they added.

Instead of commemorating D-Day on June 6, Biden tweeted a video about the Tulsa Massacre. “I met with survivors of the Tulsa Massacre this week to help fill the silence. Because in silence, wounds deepen. And, as painful as it is, only in remembrance do wounds heal,” he said.

June 6, 1944, was the date on which Allied forces invaded northern France on the beaches in Normandy during World War II. At the time, it was the largest seaborne invasion in history. The operation started off the liberation of France from Nazi control and laid the foundations for the Allied victory.

The Tulsa Race massacre occurred on May 30, 1921, after a 19-year-old black boy, Dick Rowland, was accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old white girl named Sarah Page. Mobs of local armed blacks and whites attacked each other in the streets in a fight over custody of Rowland. Once nightfall came, white mobs looted the black neighborhood, burning down more than one thousand homes and businesses and killing hundreds.

Biden’s snubbing of D-Day came days after Vice President Kamala Harris received criticism for what many called an insensitive tweet on Memorial Day.

“Enjoy the long weekend,” Harris tweeted along with a candid photograph of herself.

“Unbelievably disappointed that there is no mention as to why there is a “long weekend”. This is a picture of our son, PFC Paul Cuzzupe who can’t enjoy the weekend as he died defending our freedom,” wrote one user.

“It is Memorial Day weekend. This weekend is our time as a nation to honor our Fallen. It is our dedicated time to reflect on our war fighters, those who paid the ultimate price for our Freedom,” said Code of Vets.

“Where is the mention of Memorial Day? A picture of you? Scumbag,” wrote the Hodge Twins.