White House audio feed cut seconds after reporter asks Biden about Americans stuck in Afghanistan

The White House is being criticized for appearing to cut the audio in the State Dining Room seconds before President Biden answered a question about Americans stuck in Afghanistan.

“Mr. Presdient, what would you do if Americans are still there[in Afghanistan] after the deadline?” Peter Alexander asked Biden. Moments later, before the President appears to answer, the White House audio feed was cut.

The White House received much criticism on social media for cutting the audio. After Alexander shared what Biden said in return, the criticism was even more intense.

“I asked President Biden what he will do if Americans are still in Afghanistan after the 8/31 deadline,” Alexander tweeted. “His response: ‘You’ll be the first person I call.’ Took no questions,” he said.

“Pay attention to that smirk. Tells you everything you need to know about how he feels regarding Americans and our men in uniform,” said one Twitter user.

“So he took no questions after…. taking your question?” Asked one Twitter user.


“I wouldn’t even say he took the question based on what a jackass reply he gave and basically brushed it off,” said someone else.


“Where is transparency?” Asked another.

“Just maybe the President doesn’t want the Taliban to know his every move. Let @POTUS do his job and then play Monday morning quarterback,” said another.