WATCH: Professor becomes combative with student who says ‘cops are heroes’

A Southern California college professor was caught on video becoming confrontational with her student during a zoom discussion after he says he believes ‘cops are heroes.’

Cyprus College student Brandon Ellis gave a presentation about “cancel culture” and why it is “so destructive and tearing our country apart” for his communications class that was being held remotely. Ellis pointed to the example of “PAW Patrol,” a cartoon for children ages 2-4 years old, which was targeted by the left for depicting a fictional dog as a police officer in a positive manner.

Following Ellis’s presentation was a 10-minute question and answer portion, at which point the professor decided to push back on the student’s high regard for law enforcement.

The professor tells the student that the issue with police is “systemic,” and she claimed the reason the United States has police departments goes back to slavery.

“So you brought up the police in your speech a few times. So, what is your main concern? Since, I mean, honestly … the issue is systemic. Because the whole reason we have police departments in the first place, where does it stem from? What’s our history? Going back to what [another classmate] was talking about, what does it stem from? It stems from people in the south wanting to capture runaway slaves,” she said.

Another student chimes in to affirm the professor’s anti-police sentiment saying, “maybe they shouldn’t be heroes. Maybe they don’t belong on a kid’s show.”

Ellis stands his ground and calmly explains why he disagrees with his classmate but gets interrupted by his professor before he could finish. “I disagree with what [my classmate] said … I think cops are heroes, and they have to have a difficult job.”

“All of them?” she interrupts while Ellis is still speaking.

Trying to respond to her question, Ellis begins speaking again only to be interrupted before finishing his sentence. “I’d say a good majority of them. You have bad people in every business and every,” he says before being cut off.

“A lot of police officers have committed atrocious crimes and have gotten away with it and have never been convicted of any of it. And I say [it] as a person that has family members who are police officers,” she said.

After a back and forth regarding policing in America, Ellis asks his professor “Who do we call when we’re in trouble and someone has a knife or a gun?”

She responds quickly saying “I wouldn’t call the police.”

When asked why she wouldn’t call the police she says she “doesn’t trust them” and that her life would “in more danger” if they were to be in her presence.

The discussion ends with Ellis and his classmate respectfully agreeing to disagree while their professor, sounding agitated, says, “Okay. Thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you very much.”

Ellis says he is “shocked” by what his professor had to say but he decided to stand firm in his beliefs. “We need to fight back against this liberal ideology spreading in our colleges and save America.”

Watch the video here: