Twitter suspends Maricopa County, other 2020 election audit accounts

Twitter suspended various 2020 election audit accounts on Tuesday for “violating the Twitter Rules.”

The Maricopa County audit account, Audit War Room, and accounts for audits taking place in Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia have all been suspended, showing a message stating “Account suspended” and “Twitter suspends accounts that violate the Twitter Rules” when trying to access them.

“JUST IN – Twitter has just suspended the official Arizona Audit and Audit War Room accounts,” tweeted with screenshots of the suspended accounts.

The Maricopa County Audit account had over 100,000 followers and would post updates on the progression of the forensic audit approved by the Arizona Senate.

Democrats and Maricopa’s executives have attacked the audit as partisan and meant to sow distrust among voters in the election process. Republicans argue the audit is necessary to instill trust in the election process after various issues with mail-in-ballots have been discovered.

“Canvassing is necessary. It is the one way to know if the problems are real problems or just clerical mistakes. There are ~ 74,000 ballots that came back but there is no indication that they were ever sent out by the county! From #FOIA shows logs don’t match!” Dr. Kelli Ward tweeted earlier this month.

The suspension of election audit accounts comes weeks after former President Donald Trump filed a class-action lawsuit against Google-owned Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter for banning his social media accounts. Republicans argue the big tech companies are censoring conservative viewpoints on their platforms.

On Monday, Arizona Senate President Karen Fann and Arizona Senate Judiciary Chairman Warren Petersen issued a new subpoena for the Maricopa County’s Board of Supervisors to turn over ballot envelope images, voter records, and routers or router images. The deadline for turning over the requested items is August 2.