Twitter forces user to delete Tweet that said ‘transgender youth need mental help’

Tim Meads, was temporarily banned on Twitter after his tweet stating “trans youth need to mental help, compassion, unconditional love and patience,” was flagged for violating the platforms rules on “hateful conduct.”

In his first tweet since the suspension, Mead said he still stands by his words.

Meads is not the only one to lose access to their Twitter account for speaking out on transgender issues. In February, A California Court ruled against Megan Murphy who sued Twitter for banning her after saying “Women aren’t men.”

Murphy was permanently banned from Twitter more than two years ago for the tweet, which Twitter alleged violated their policy against hateful conduct.

The court cited Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which allows big tech companies to censor content on their sites without oversight or legal liability over the content they platform.

Former President Donald Trump made Section 230 the main target of his anti-big tech agenda, after his tweets, posts and videos were continuously flagged or removed by the Twitter, Facebook and Youtube during his Presidency.

Last year, Rapper Zuby was suspended from Twitter after replying “Ok dude.” to a transgender ANTIFA activist.

“I got an email from Twitter saying I was locked out of my account for violating their hateful conduct policy,” said Zuby. “I was obviously bewildered, and I scrolled down to see what this supposed tweet that violates their hateful conduct policy was, and it just said, ‘Ok, dude,’ and that was that.”

“I could either delete the tweet and my account would be reinstated after 12 hours, or if I thought they made a mistake, I could appeal, so I decided to appeal” Zuby added. “This morning, I found that the appeal had been rejected and the only course of action from then was to delete the tweet in question. There was no other option.”

Independent Chronicle has reached out to Meads for comment but did not immediately receive a response.