The internet wins while roasting Nancy Pelosi’s eyebrows

The 81-year old Speaker of the House has gone viral this week after people began to react to a video of her interview with CBS’s Face The Nation in which she showcased some highly unusual eyebrows.

“Nancy Pelosi’s eyebrows are higher than the debt ceiling,” joked one person.

It certainly wasn’t what Pelosi had to say during the interview that fascinated the internet.

“I like how nobody is paying attention to what Nancy Pelosi was saying because her eyebrows were trying to escape her forehead ????,” McKayla J tweeted.

“Pelosi’s eyebrows are just a couple more surgeries from merging with her hairline. ????,” observed one Twitter user.

“Nancy Pelosi’s eyebrows are the real insurrection,” maintained another.

“These comments are really raising some eyebrows…,” quipped Joe Concha.

Satire site The Babylon Bee tweeted, “Dome Of Capitol Building Raised To Accommodate Nancy Pelosi’s Eyebrows.”

“I wish my 401(k) matched Pelosi’s eyebrow charts,” mused one person.

“DIY Tip of the Day! How to get yourself a pair of Nancy Pelosi styled eyebrows,” tweeted another user with a GIF of a woman drawing on her eyebrows with a black marker and a clothes hanger for a stencil.

One user even started a Twitter account called “Pelosi’s Eyebrows.”

“Elon Musk needs to pay his fair share so Nancy can afford to get us real Botox next time. We’re tired of being stuck up here,” the account tweeted.

“The only thing higher than Nancy Pelosi’s eyebrows is Hunter Biden,” conservative commentators the Hodge twins posted.

Television host and conservative political commentator Tucker Carlson pulled no punches with his viral video response.

“Yesterday was Sunday and you may have found yourself on the couch flipping through the TV dial and if you flipped far enough, you could have had the shock of your life,” he quipped.

“Michael Jackson was on Face The Nation,” he joked about Nancy Pelosi, adding: “This appeared to be a living version of the international popstar that news reports claim died of a drug OD more than a dozen years ago.”