Texas restaurant receives backlash for enforcing strict dress code for guests and staff

The Turkey Leg Hut located in Houston, Texas, has received mixed reactions to their updated dress code which bans durags, baggy clothing, and offensive language among other things while inside the building.

“We are not a club, we are a family-friendly restaurant and will continue to maintain our standards as we welcome everyone to the Turkey Leg Hut!” The restaurant’s owner posted to its Facebook page.

“No excessively revealing clothing; including distressed or ripped clothing that is revealing, and shorts must cover your entire bottom,” the post reads, along with a barrage of other banned clothing items and styles.

“No house attire. This includes wave caps, durags, house shoes or shower caps. No exposed undergarments including sports bras, bras, panties or any other garments resembling these items. No obscene language or baggy clothing. No inappropriate graphics or language. No excessively baggy, saggy pants,” the post continued.

“Unfortunately, due to the attire of some guests, we were forced to put this new policy in place as we remain committed to ensuring all guests are comfortable while visiting us,” the restaurant states in the post.

Comments on the new dress code were mixed, with some hailing the restaurant for taking a stand to others claiming the dress code was targeting black people.

“Sounds anti-Black to me but okay. (And yes, I know they’re Black owned.) I said what I said,” read one reply.

“When you forget who helped you build the brand.. It wasn’t the white collar it was the hood.. Now basically saying the hood is not welcome yea ok…” said another.

“Stay strong! Great values do not have anything to do with race, it’s a human thing,” replied another.

“There is a way to enforce dress code without culture policing to make others comfy,” asserted another.

Others took a more positive appraoch to the new dress code, pointing out the “sadness” of having to explain to grown adults how to dress themselves when going out in public.

“What’s really sad is you have to tell grown people how to dress in public…they should have more pride in themselves and present themselves appropriately. Good for you Turkey leg hut for trying to change,” said someone else.

“What a world we live in now, where it has to be explained what is appropriate and inappropriate dress. Descent, modest and what’s fit for the occasion has gone by the wayside. But this is what happens when a nation rejects the ways, and absolutes of God. Common sense is no longer common. I love the Turkey leg hut! Keep doing what you do!” Said another.

The owner, Nakia Price, released a statement in response to the criticism the new dress code has received.

“At the Turkey Leg Hut, we do our best to accommodate all of our guests. It’s unfortunate that we even have to address this or implement a dress code but we are a family-friendly restaurant that serves all ages from children to adults,” the statement read. Unfortunately, we have received complaints from our patrons regarding other guest’s wardrobe choices. In order to try and ensure all guests are comfortable while visiting us, we were forced to put a new dress code policy in place.”

“Our dress code policy is not meant to target or offend anyone but rather provide our guests with an acceptable clothing guide, so that all guests and staff will feel comfortable in our establishment.”

The Turkey Leg Hut has been, and always will be, a restaurant of inclusivity for all and we will continue to take into consideration the input of all patrons to provide a safe, comfortable and healthy environment for our community and guests.”