Teacher’s Onlyfans account exposed by cheating ex-husband: ‘You got what you deserve’

Instagram: @amy.kupps93

Former history teacher Amy Kupps’ Onlyfans account was exposed to her school’s principal and school board by her ex-husband.

“It was awkward,” she recalled the moment her principal called her into a Zoom meeting along with members of the school board. “I was trembling with fear and embarrassment.”

“They made me feel so small and disgusting,” said Kupps, 32, who admitted the offense and was suspended from her job. She decided to resign from her full-time teaching position, instructing 13 and 14-year olds. “I wasn’t embarrassed about doing it, but knowing my colleagues knew about it made me cringe,” she added. “I was so mortified. I felt I had no choice but to step down.”

Photo: @amy.kupps93 on Instagram

“I loved that I had this side to me that no one at school knew about. I felt like a naughty superhero — teacher by day, temptress by night,” Kupps said about the feeling she got while performing on Onlyfans and maintaining a teaching career.

Kupps immediately began investigating how her superiors found out about her Onlyfans account, initially wondering if her principal was one of her many paying fans.

Soon, Kupps was alerted by her ex-husband that he was the one who let out her “dirty little secret.”

“Just so you know I was a little Tipsy yesterday golfing and I showed [name blurred out] your dirty little secret, you spoiled brat!” Reads a text message from Kupp’s ex-husband, Theodore.

“What???? What do you mean you told [redacted] my dirty little secret?” She replied.

“Amy you got what you deserve. Good luck with your teaching career,” Theodore said in return.

Theodore says he was the one who gave Amy the idea of joining Onlyfans after seeing the attention she was receiving on Instagram from men. Shortly after joining, her account took off, earning her over $150,000 in less than two years. However, her marriage quickly fell apart. Theodore cheated on Kupps with a woman he met at a bar shortly after the couple officially divorced in December of 2020.

Kupps still performs on her Onlyfans and hopes to get back into teaching at a different school. As for Theodore, he wishes her well and doesn’t plan on exposing her “dirty little secret” to anyone else.

“Best of luck to her in her future endeavors,” he said. “She is a beauty but I’m the beast.”