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January 29, 2022
Two nurses allegedly brought in $1.5 million selling fake vaccine cards in Long Island. “As nurses, these two individuals should..
January 6, 2022
Tennis star Novak Djokovic was informed Thursday upon his arrival at a Melbourne airport that he is being denied entry..
December 28, 2021
A group of people protesting New York City’s vaccine passport mandate clashed with police Monday after refusing to show proof..
November 23, 2021
The vaccine passport law going into effect a few days before Christmas is expected to wreak havoc on the ability..
November 11, 2021
San Francisco will soon be requiring vaccine passports for children as young as 5, although no children under the age..
September 3, 2021
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is imposing a $5,000 fine on businesses, schools, and government agencies that require people to show..