Ricky Gervais calls out ‘sadistic scumbags’ in China for annual ‘dog meat festival’

Comedian Ricky Gervais criticized the Chinese City of Yulin for holding their annual “dog meat festival,” calling them “sadistic scumbags.”

“I cannot believe the #YulinDogMeatFestival is still happening. Dirty f–king psychopathic c–ts,” Gervais tweeted.


“And to everyone saying ‘eating dogs is no worse than eating cows’ I agree, except that these sadistic scumbags torture the dogs first, cut their legs off, skin & boil them alive for fun. C–ts,” Gervais added.

“Me: Stop torturing dogs. Twitter: What about cows? Me: Yes. Stop torturing cows too, but this tweet was about dogs. T: Why do you only care about dogs and cows? Me: What? No, I hate hurting, torturing or eating ALL animals… T: Why don’t you care about dying children?”

The Yulin dog meat festival started Monday despite warnings from the World Health Organization (WHO) that the dog meat trade spreads rabies and increases the risk of cholera. “The people of Yulin, however, seem to have turned a dead ear to all advice as they continue to devour dog meat sold on the streets,” The Mirror reported.

“Some witnesses have seen dogs arrive at the festival with their collars still on, a tragic reminder of the hole they left in someone’s home when they were kidnapped. It is a harrowing ordeal for these poor pups, and it also raises many concerns for the spread of disease,” according to activist site Care2.

Reactions to Gervais’ tweets were mixed, with some users calling him a hypocrite.

“Ricky, the hypocrisy is that FAR more cows, pigs, birds are tortured and killed in the west and rest of the world (77 BILLION), so it’s hypocritical to not be vegan and then cry about the dogs in Yulin. There’s a difference between whataboutism and pointing out extreme hypocrisy,” one Twitter user replied.

“Please do some reading on the psychology of dogs before equating them with cows. Killing dogs for food is far more cruel because dogs naturally bond with humans emotionally, while cows don’t,” another user said.

“That’s “specism” Ricky … BIAS against many other animals being treated very inhumanly!! But, popular support is unfortunately for only “cute” animals!!” Said someone else.