Rep. Chip Roy: GOP’s ‘job’ to block Biden’s agenda until Republicans take back House

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) says it’s the job of the Republican party to block President Joe Biden’s agenda, including an infrastructure bill until they take back the House in 2022.

“Honestly, right now, for the next 18 months, our job is to do everything we can to slow all of that down to get to December of 2022,” Roy said in a video recorded last month and recently posted to Twitter. “And then get in here and lead.”

Roy responded to a specific question regarding infrastructure and whether or not he would vote for a bill full of “liberal wish list” items put in there by Pelosi. He says it all depends on what sort of deal is made in the Senate. “The people who were working to cut the deal, by the way, were not your conservative warriors in the Senate,” Roy said. “They’re cutting a deal. But then Biden, who came out and said, ‘We have a deal,’ allowed Pelosi to basically kind of step in and go, ‘Whoop, no you don’t! You’re only gonna get that deal if you have reconciliation with all this liberal garbage.'”

“Then Biden said, ‘Ok, yeah.’ And they kind of backed away from the deal,” he added. “Then he kind of came back away from the veto threat, so nobody knows what anybody’s gonna do right now. That’s the thing, this is the problem.”

The Congressman went on to say, “Thank the Lord, 18 more months of chaos and the inability to get stuff done. That’s what we want.” Regarding the current gridlock in the Senate, which is split with 48 Democrats and 50 Republicans and two Independents who caucus with the Democrats.

Roy’s comments were made during a Conservative Voices meeting, a group founded by former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum. Santorum is heard in the background saying, “I agree,” immediately after Roy finishes speaking.

Roy’s hope of obstructing Biden’s agenda is shared with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who said in May that “100 percent” of the GOP’s focus was on “stopping” the Biden administration, claiming Democrats wanted to turn America “into a socialist country.”