New York Mother unleashes on school board: ‘You’re emotionally abusing our children’

A mother in Carmel, New York, stood up to her local school board over it’s alleged left-wing indoctrinating curriculum.

“My message to this district and the members of the Board of [Education] — stop indoctrinating our children. Stop teaching our children to hate the police. Stop teaching our children that if they don’t agree with the LGBT community that they’re homophobic,” Tatiana Ibrahim said during the school board meeting.  

“You have no idea each child’s life. You don’t know what their family lifestyle consists of. You don’t know the makeup of their life. You have children, like mine, who [are] Muslim and I’m Christian,” she continued.

Ibrahim went on to accuse the school board and some educators of teaching children to “go out and murder our police officers.”

“Do you want the proof? I have the proof. Is that what scares you? The proof? That a parent actually standing up against all of you? Is that what scares you? To call out the names of these people?” She exclaimed.

Ibrahim spoke for more than 11 minutes at times being interrupted by the school board members to be reminded that she was not allowed to say the specific names of educators who she accuses of making anti-police, anti-god social media posts.

“[Educators] purposefully themselves expose themselves on social media. Talking about calling for the death of a former president. Or, saying that any child that doesn’t believe in Black Lives Matter should be canceled out. Is this what my tax dollars is paying for?” She said.

At one point, a board member scolded Ibrahim for not holding a “peaceful discussion.” Ibrahim responded by saying, “No, that’s your opinion, see, here we go again. This is peaceful; to me, this is peaceful. I’m not burning, looting, and murdering.”

“You work for me. I don’t work for you. You have a duty. We are entrusting our children to you. We teach our children morals, values. When they grow up to commit crimes and end up in prison, and kill a police officer. It’s our fault? No, it’s your fault,” Ibrahim went on to say.

“You’re emotionally abusing our children and mentally abusing them. You’re demoralizing them by teaching them communist values. This is still America, ma’am. And as long as I’m standing here on this good ground Earth of God, I will fight. This is not the last of me you will see. I’m retired, I’ve got nothing else better to do,” she continued.

Watch the tense 11-minute speech here:

The school district’s Superintendent did not immediately respond to the Independent Chronicle’s request for comment.

Since Ibrahim’s speech was posted to social media it has been viewed more than 680,000 times. Ibrahim has updated her own social media profiles with the bio: “I’m that mom who told the board they’re thieves, liars and committed treason against our children.”