New York City Man uses hatchet to attack bystander, caught on surveillance video

Aaron Garcia, 37, was arrested Tuesday night after attacking another man at an ATM in Lower Manhattan over the weekend.

Garcia walks up behind the man using the ATM and pauses for a second before taking swings at the victim’s leg with a hatchet. The victim struggles with Garcia as he takes multiple other swings at him, hitting in what appears to be the torso and head. The victim, covered in blood, is left off-screen as Garcia walks away before smashing all the glass on the ATMs.

The victim, 51, was rushed to the hospital in stable condition, according to CBSNewYork.

Garcia reportedly confronted a man who bumped into him on the street Tuesday and raised a hammer at him but did not harm that man. He has eight prior arrests on his record, according to Police.

Reactions to the video were widespread on social media. Many users pointed out the need to legally carry firearms to survive in many cities across the country.

“And this is why I tell everyone I know that is capable, to get your CCW. I always carry because you never know when something absolutely insane like this is going to happen,” one Twitter user said.

“You know what’s messed up? The next thing to come up won’t be better institutions to help people like the axeman before they reach this point, instead the government will try to do Ax control along side gun control. This man clearly needed help before this, and I hope he gets it,” said another.

“If certain aspects of this were reversed it would be the biggest story in the world right now. But luckily certain aspects are not reversed so we don’t have to care about this,” said someone else.

“Shit like this is why I’m getting a conceal carry permit,” replied another.

“Big advocate for CCW but first and foremost people need to learn from this and have situational awareness especially in vulnerable situations like this. I can’t even count the times I’ve seen people with headphones on at the ATM or lost in their phones,” said another.

“Another example the white supremacy problem in the US,” quipped someone else.