Multiple American service members injured after explosions at Kabul airport

A suicide bombing has been confirmed at the Abbey gate at the Kabul, Afghanistan airport, injuring multiple U.S. military personnel.

“We can confirm an explosion outside Kabul airport. Casualties are unclear at this time. We will provide additional details when we can,” Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby tweeted Thursday morning.

Shortly after Kirby’s announcement, a second explosion occurred, reportedly causing injuries to three American military personnel.

According to Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin, the Pentagon confirmed that three U.S. Marines were injured in the second blast.

“BREAKING: At least 3 U.S. troops wounded in suicide bombing outside Abbey Gate at Kabul airport: U.S. officials,” Fox News reporter Lucas Tomlinson tweeted.

“Please don’t go to Kabul airport now, Heavy explosion in front of Abby Camp, shooting has started, USA troops used 6-8 gas bomb on people on east gate and lots of women got injured and burned, I was there,” tweeted Ali Hassani.

“Photos: Casualties from blast near Kabul airport this evening. #Afghanistan,” tweeted TOLOnews.

The U.S. Embassy in Kabul issued a security alert Thursday warning Americans to evacuate the Kabul airport due to security threats, specifically naming the Abbey gate as the point of concern.  

“Kabul Emergency hospital: More than 30 patients have arrived at our #Kabul Surgical Centre so far. 6 others already dead on arrival. We have activated all mass casualty protocols,” Ziar Khan Yaad tweeted about the situation at the nearby hospital.

“NEW: Source briefed on the situation in Kabul tells me ‘hundreds of ISIS-K in the vicinity, attacks likely to continue,'” Jacqui Heinrich tweeted about the threat of possible attacks to come.

This is a developing story and will be updated as details emerge.