Mother beaten while young daughter tries to stop attacker, bystanders do nothing but film it

A video went viral of a woman being beaten, dragged by her hair, and head stomped in a Little Caesars restaurant while her young daughter watches and even tries to stop the attacker while bystanders watch and film it.

“Move the baby! Move the baby!” a bystander shouts when the victim’s daughter comes rushing over to help her mother, identified as 22-year-old Emily Broadwater. A bystander pulls the child away while the brutal beating continues.

The attacker, 25-year-old Brittany Kennedy, pulls Broadwater by her hair across the restaurant and out the door, while a man holds the door open for Kennedy but doesn’t intervene. Once dragged outside, Broadwater is punched, kicked, and head stomped by Kennedy. Once the beating is over, Broadwater gets up off the ground with a bloody face saying, “you hurt my baby.” The daughter can be heard crying in the background.

The Deputy’s report says Broadwater was sitting in the Little Casers lobby when Kennedy walked in and confronted her shortly after 4 P.M. After a few seconds talking to her, she pulled the chair from underneath Broadwater, causing her to fall to the ground, then she began beating her.

According to police, Kennedy is still at large.

Reactions to the beating also included many pointing out the races of the attacker and victim, imagining if the situation were the other way around.

Others pointed out that no one attempted to intervene but instead focused on capturing the beating on camera.