Most Americans don’t believe Biden is capable of leading the country: Poll

A vast majority of Americans believe President Joe Biden is not capable of leading the country, according to a new Morning Consult/Politico poll.

The poll, released Wednesday, shows that 43% of Americans believe Biden is not capable of leading the country. It also shows that 35% strongly disagree with the idea that Biden is in good health, and 38% disbelieve that Biden is mentally fit and stable.

The poll shows a stark contrast from where Americans saw themselves in October 2020, when 56% of poll respondents said that Biden was mentally fit, whereas only 35% disagreed.

The new survey also shows that 41% of people disagree that Biden “cares about people like me,” and 41% disagree that he is a “clear communicator.” It also shows his approval rating at 44%, nine points lower than the 53% who disapprove. 41%, however, “strongly disapprove,” while only 20% “strongly approve.” Biden also suffers high disapproval ratings in key issues such as the economy, jobs, healthcare, and immigration, garnering 42%, 38%, 34%, and 44% disapproval ratings respectively.

Despite Biden’s low approval, the poll showed congressional Democrats holding their own against their Republican counterparts. Democrats had a higher favorability rating than Republicans, beating them 40% to 37%, though both parties were tied at 43% when voters were asked who they would vote for on a generic ballot.

The poll was conducted between November 13 and November 15 and surveyed 1,998 registered voters. It reports a 2% margin of error.