Montana Becomes Second Amendment Sanctuary State

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte has signed a law barring state and local law enforcement from enforcing federal restrictions on firearms.

Gianforte signed the bill on Friday, which bans the enforcement of federal bans on firearms, magazines, or ammunition. Language in the bill made it apply retroactively to January 1st, 2021 in order to cover all of President Joe Biden’s term. Similar bills have been vetoed in the past by former Democrat Governor Steve Bullock.

Montana is the latest in a slew of Republican states to enact second amendment sanctuary laws aimed at preempting any federal gun control legislation or rulemaking. Idaho, Alaska, Kansas, and Wyoming are all currently have state-wide second amendment sanctuary laws. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed a similar bill in early April prohibiting law enforcement in his state from enforcing federal gun laws that are inconsistent with existing state law. The Utah Senate has also recently passed a similar statute. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has promised second amendment sanctuary legislation would be coming in his state imminently.

Following shootings in Georgia and Colorado Biden unveiled a series of gun control measures which sparked outrage and various lawsuits from second amendment advocacy organizations. The Biden administration announced that “ghost guns” would be targeted for more government control. “Ghost guns” are self-assembled weapons that can be purchased without background checks. Biden’s new gun control measures would now classify these as firearms under the Gun Control Act. Manufacturers of the kits will be required to issue serial numbers for “key parts” of the kit, and buyers will be subject to background checks.

Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee introduced H.R. 127, a gun control bill that would create a national gun registry on Jan. 4, the second day of the congressional session. The registry would list the names of gun owners, the number of firearms they possess, and where they keep the guns. It would require all gun owners to participate in the registry, irrespective of having a law enforcement background. Only current law enforcement would be exempt from the database.

Gun Owners of America, a Second Amendment lobbying organization, said it would “spare no expense to defeat Biden’s tyrannical agenda and will rally gun owners and Second Amendment supporters nationwide to defend the right to keep and bear arms.”

“Gun Owners of America is wholeheartedly opposed to the unconstitutional gun control threatened today by President Biden — restrictions such as the attacks on homemade and brace-equipped firearms and so-called ‘Red Flag’ gun confiscation orders,” said GOA senior vice president Eric Pratt in a statement.