Minnesota city planned to allow satanic, incest pornstar to host ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ for children

The city of Bloomington, Minnesota removed a drag performer from their Pride event’s line-up who is a self-proclaimed satanist who performs incest porn on social media.

“The City of Bloomington will celebrate the contributions of individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender, queer, and ‘+’ (other gender identities) at a summer festival,” the city’s official government website says about the event scheduled to take place on August 14.

Among the performers, the city hired through a third-party event planning company was drag queen Martina Marraccino who was set to host the “story hour and show” segment of the event. The “story hour” is targeted at children and advertisements for the event say “all ages are welcome.”

Marraccino, whose real name is Adam Divine, requested his friends donate to the Satanic Temple for his birthday, followed up with a “Hail Satan” post.

Divine runs a Facebook page under the name “Martina Marraccino” which commented on a post created by concerned parents in Bloomington, called Bloomington Patriots.

“You can’t find any truths about me that I don’t say openly about myself. My strength comes from owning my life and my choices. I am exactly who I want and intend to be, your disapproval tastes like honey.
Get thee Behind ME. #hailsatan,” Devine wrote in a Facebook post.

Divine’s Twitter feed is where he posts links and previews of videos on his Onlyfans account. Most of the videos show Devine engaging in sexual activities with his supposed “younger brother.” One video shows the two having sex at a family gathering for Thanksgiving.

Most of Divine’s posts include hashtags for incest and public sex.

The city issued a statement on the website for the event saying, “The City became aware of allegations this past Monday that one of the performers booked for the Pride event has a social media presence that includes explicit material.”

“The City took time to independently verify that the allegation was factual,” the statement continued. “The City decided to not have that individual among the performers at the Pride event on August 14. City staff is not booking the entertainers for the event, but is working with an event planner/producer who was unaware of the social media content related to the performer.”

Martina Marraccino is no longer listed on the site as a performer for the event. Marraccino made a post on Facebook about no longer performing and said he will still be there to promote satanism.

“See you all this Saturday! I may not be performing but I’ll still be there exercising my rights and my religious freedom.
Please come out and support this event in the face of their attempts to invalidate us,” he wrote.

The claim that the event planner was unaware of Divine’s sexually explicit proclivities is plausible, however, a quick look at his public social media profiles speaks for itself.

Reactions to the city almost allowing a satanic pornstar who regularly posts about having sex with his younger brother to read to children quickly spread across social media.

“The City of Bloomington is hosting an incest fetish pornographer, satan worshipper to perform a drag queen story hour & show for ‘all ages’ August 14th. Martina Marraccino also goes by Adam Divine and has uploaded dozens of videos to XTube w/ words like ‘incest” & ‘brother,'” said Rebecca Brannon.


“How is his Twitter profile not banned but anyone who mentions a diff opinion for vaccines, accounts are locked. What on earth!” said another Twitter user.


“Disgusting, demonic, abusive, immoral, what are you doing @bloomington_mn?!” said someone else.

“But social media censors conservatives,” said Dan Gainor.

“Weimar Republic 2.0,” quipped another.

The Independent Chronicle reached out to the City of Bloomington for comment but did not immediately receive a response. We were unable to reach Adam Divine for comment.