Dem gubernatorial nominee in VA fundraises with alleged domestic abuser after ditching disability forum

Democratic gubernatorial nominee and former Gov. Terry McAuliffe (VA) abruptly left a disabilities forum last week to campaign in Las Vegas with a Nevada Democrat accused of domestic violence. 

“Thank you to the candidates that made this event a priority,” Tonya Milling, an attendee of the forum, said. “Unlike former Gov McAuliffe, who made it known before we started that he would only take one question.”

McAuliffe, a longtime Clinton ally, was supposed to participate in a Zoom call about disability issues alongside Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin and other statewide candidates. McAuliffe, however, cited a scheduling conflict and left for a Nevada fundraiser in Las Vegas with the state’s Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak (D). The fundraiser costs a minimum of $500 to attend and up to $5,000 to be a “sponsor.” 

“I believe that leaders by how they act towards those who are most vulnerable in their society. Terry McAuliffe had us fooled thinking he would be a candidate that would care for someone like my son who was born with dual disabilities,” Mike Murphy, another attendee of the forum, said. “His actions speak louder than words, it’s clear he would much rather travel to Las Vegas to do God knows what, rather than listen to the needs of the disability community.”

Youngkin and the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) also issued statements, urging McAuliffe to apologize to the disability community and The Arc of Northern Virginia, who hosted the event.

“Terry McAuliffe must immediately apologize to Virginia’s disabled community for his disgraceful and disrespectful behavior yesterday when he deserted The Arc of Northern Virginia Candidate Forum and members of the disabled community to fundraise with [Sisolak,] an accused domestic abuser,” RPV chairman Rich Anderson said in a statement. 

In 2018, Sisolak’s ex-wife, Lori Ann “Dallas” Garland, accused her ex-husband of physically harming her after their divorce in January 2000. 

“Garland detailed an event in August 2000 in which she says Sisolak threatened to call the police on her after he allegedly left her with a bruise on her neck. Garland provided the Daily Caller News Foundation with pictures she said her lawyer took of her bruised neck. Three of Garland’s longtime friends told the DCNF they personally saw her bruised neck after the incident,” a report alleges.

Sisolak was also accused of inappropriate behavior toward an ex-girlfriend’s underage daughter in 2012. 

“The daughter said on two or three occasions Sisolak took her to the lingerie store Victoria’s Secret. She also said Sisolak would give her money and send her text messages after 11 pm.”

Sisolak has denied all incidents of wrongdoing, and neither he nor McAuliffe responded to the Independent Chronicle’s request for comment.