Mayor Lightfoot slammed for promoting a holiday invented by a radical convicted of torturing women

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her wife are being criticized for wishing their city a “joyous” and “beautiful” Kwanzaa amid the rising murder rate in Chicago and the violent history of the holiday’s inventor. 

“The seven principles of Kwanzaa guide us to unity and cooperation as we work to uplift and protect our neighbors,” Lightfoot said.

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“Kwanzaa’s creator was convicted in 1971 of torturing two women.  According to the LA Times, he made them strip, burned them with a soldering iron, beat them with night stick, & put detergent and running hoses in their mouths. Which of the 7 principles was he following?” responded one person, referring to the disturbing history of Kwanzaa founder Dr. Maulana Karenga, a black nationalist who was later convicted of torturing two women.

“How many people were shot this weekend?” asked another. Lightfoot’s message comes as Chicago is suffering under a the highest murder rate in twenty-five years and the city has recorded over 760 homicides so far this year.

Mayor Lightfoot requested help from the federal government last week in the form of ATF agents to help rid the city of guns. Lightfoot made a highly controversial decision in 2020 to cut the city’s law enforcement budget by $80 million (later retracted to $59 million). Many people have questioned and still others opposed her decision in the face of the violence epidemic facing Chicago.

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“There’s been 7 car jackings since you tweeted this,” commented another Twitter user.

“I have about 60 or so black friends, I know that none of them celebrate Kwanzaa. This is smoke and mirrors,” commented another.

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“Kwanza is Swahili for Beginning. But we really have no record of that pagan godless day. We never even had candles! But we have a port town called Mwanza on Lake Victoria. Here and there we celebrate Christmas not kwanza!” another person stated.

Someone else replied with a screenshot of a similar Kwanzaa greeting from Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) with a response from an African woman informing Warren, “I am African and I do not know what Kwanzaa is. At this time in my village we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the saviour of the world.”