Massive ‘Trump won’ flag unfurled at Fenway Park Red Sox game

Fans unfurled a massive pro-Trump flag at a recent Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

The flag which read “Trump Won, Save America,” was draped over the center-field wall during the fourth inning of the Red Sox, Miami Marlins game.

A spokesman for the Red Sox says the fans were escorted out of the game due to their policy that prohibits flags and banners from being hung or affixed to the ballpark.

The Red Sox incident comes after other “Trump Won” banners have been unfurled during Mets and Yankees games. Two men were escorted out of Yankee Stadium last month after they were seen draping a banner in the middle of a game.

The “Trump Won” banners are in reference to the notion that President Joe Biden won the election via voter fraud and illegal actions taken by state governments to promote mail-in-voting. Former President Donald Trump has touted the idea he won the election by saying “The 2020 Election, which didn’t even have Legislative approvals from many States (which is required under the U.S. Constitution), and was also otherwise corrupt, was indeed The Big Lie,” in a statement put out on May 6.

“An even greater Hoax than Russia, Russia, Russia, Mueller, Mueller, Mueller, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, or any of the other many scams the Democrats pulled!” Trump added.

Reactions to the banner were mixed on social media. One user joking that Trump fans better stop doing this or else “they’re gonna bring back the pandemic.”

“Seen lots of Trump won signs and banners but none for Biden. Curious,” said another.

Another user said “By this logic, did Hillary Clinton win in 2016 too?”