Man with concealed carry permit prevents machete attack moments after deadly crash on Texas highway

A man with a concealed carry permit intervened in a deadly crash involving a woman riding her bicycle after the woman’s boyfriend pulled a machete on the driver.

“We have a 39-year-old female that deceased here at the scene,” said Sargent Ramiro Juarez with the San Antonio Police Department.

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The SAPD said that a driver taking his two children to school could not stop his car on time. The woman who was riding the bike was killed on impact. The driver stopped and got out of his vehicle, although the situation continued to escalate.

“The boyfriend that was following behind her on another bike pulled out a machete on the driver,” Sargent Juarez said.

That’s when another man who witnessed the crash attempted to intervene and defuse the situation and pulled out a handgun. Police said the man had a legal concealed carry permit.

Due to the man defusing the situation with a handgun, no one else was injured in the altercation.

Police said that the driver who killed the woman on her bicycle had a green light at the time of the crash and that he won’t be facing any charges. Sargent Juarez added that the woman was wearing dark clothing, and her bicycle was not properly lit. Combined with a 60 mile per hour speed limit, “it all adds up to very bad outcomes.”

Charges will also not be brought against the macheting-wielding man.

The potentially deadly situation occurs a month after a Texas man was killed after attempting to attack a man and his children in their vehicle.

Fort Worth Police said a motorcyclist, 19-year-old JaDerek Gray, swerved in and out of lanes and drove in between multiple vehicles, which is illegal in Texas. His aggressive driving resulted in him nearly hitting an SUV before pulling ahead and stopping in the middle of the highway.

Gray parked his motorcycle in the middle of traffic, walked up to the SUV, pulled out a gun, and pointed it at the driver. The driver of the SUV asked Gray to drop his weapon. Gray refused, and continued to approach the SUV. The driver then pulled out his weapon and fired at Gray, striking him multiple times and killing him, the Independent Chronicle reported.

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