Man arrested for smearing raw bacon on Muslim neighbor’s doorknobs, car

A Las Vegas man was arrested for a hate crime after allegedly smearing raw bacon on his Muslim neighbors home and property.

Police responded to a call from Ricky Uwich, 58, complaining about his Muslim neighbors “constantly” bothering him and accused them of being suspected terrorists. The officer contacted the family in question and was shown text messages from Uwich accusing the family of breaking a chandelier in his home, despite never being inside as well as molesting a juvenile who lives with Uwich.

The family claims that the problems with Uwich began in January and have only steadily gotten worse. The family then showed the officer a video of Uwich smearing uncooked bacon on their handrails, doorknobs, and walkway leading into their home. They also have pictures of pieces of raw bacon hanging from their car’s exhaust. A video from their ring doorbell showed Uwich screaming outside their home profanities and threats.

Photo Source: Denver ABC 7

After being confronted by police, Uwich admitted to smearing the bacon as well as admitting he did it solely because they were Muslim. Uwich claims the family is terrorists, and that he doesn’t like Muslims because of the terror attacks on September 11, 2001.