Liberals extolling COVID testing center that turned away Candace Owens get dose of reality: ‘Isn’t the dunk’ they think it is

Candace Owens being turned away by a COVID-19 testing facility due to her political stances has created a real problem for many on the left who feel it is dangerous to deny testing to people based on their political beliefs.

The problem that many people have pointed out with the decision of Suzanna Lee to turn away Candace Owens at her COVID-19 testing facility is that by turning away people based on political beliefs, they are, in fact, helping the spread of the virus. This scenario has created a real credibility problem for the left.

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Senior front page editor of the Huffington Post, Philip Lewis, tweeted that “Candace Owens was denied service by the owner of a privately owned COVID testing center.” He included a quote from the owner saying, “it would be unfair to [my team] and to the sacrifices we have all made this year to serve you.”

Replies to Lewis’ tweet were somewhat mixed. However, many pointed out the hypocrisy of those on the left who openly cheered for a black woman being denied care and testing for a life-threatening virus simply due to her politics.

“But this makes her more of a danger to the community if she can’t get tested. This isn’t the dunk a lot of people want it to be,” replied one Twitter user.

“Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about that. I really don’t like the idea of anyone being denied care, no matter how reprehensible their actions are. It just seems like a very slippery slope….” replied another.

“That seems counter productive. If they’re worried about and trying to help lessen the spread of Covid, wouldn’t they want to test everyone? Yano, to stop the spread…? I don’t get it. Feels gimmicky to me,” replied someone else.

Owens herself has pointed out the hypocrisy in denying someone you don’t agree with politically a COVID-19 test if you truly believe the pandemic is a major threat to public health.

“I literally do not care that she turned me down (as a private business). Just pointing to the OBVIOUS FACT that she (and ALL of you lefties) know that this pandemic is fake. If you were legitimately fearful, you would encourage testing of the unvaxxed in your neighborhood,” Owens replied to one Twitter user.

Left-wing commentator Joy-Ann Reid tweeted in solidarity with the testing facility owner, Suzanna Lee, with the following message, “Good evening to Suzanna and Suzanna only.”

“Denying care is not how health care is supposed to work, no matter who comes through the door. Once this becomes a precedent, it will be used against those who are already excluded from care. This is not the way,” replied one of Reid’s followers.

“But wouldn’t it benefit the community if she did serve her? I was told testing keeps the community safe. Politics has warped all of your minds if you are celebrating this decision,” replied another.

“It’s a shame to see this in Colorado in this day and age. Denying Candace a COVID test because she’s a conservative? The Left just goes lower and lower every single day,” Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert tweeted.

Lavern Spicer replied by saying, “Jim Crow is back.”