Left-wing Twitter users rejoice over Laura Loomer’s COVID-19 diagnosis

To the joy of many left-wing Twitter users, right-wing activist and congressional candidate Laura Loomer announced she was diagnosed with COVID-19.

“Just pray for me please. Can’t even begin to explain how brutal the body aches and nausea that come with covid are. I am in so much pain. This is honestly the worst part about it,” Loomer posted on Telegram.

Loomer, who is running against Florida representative Daniel Webster, told her followers that she came across people at a Regeneron monoclonal antibody treatment center who ended up getting the virus despite having the vaccine.

“Turns out if you get the COVID vaccine and you get COVID after taking the vaccine, your symptoms are actually worse than if you don’t take it. In other words, the COVID vaccine does not work, and that’s why I’m never going to take it,” Loomer said.

Loomer previously posted that she hopes she got COVID to prove that food poisoning is more serious than the virus.

“I hope I get COVID just so I can prove to people I’ve had bouts of food poisoning that are more serious and life-threatening than a hyped-up virus. Have you ever eaten bad fajitas? That will kill you faster than COVID,” Loomer said.

Reactions to Loomer’s diagnosis were widespread on social media. Many on the left rejoiced and made various jokes about it.

“Pray for Covid,” Reza Aslan tweeted in response.

“does it take effort to be this much of a terrible person? or does it just come naturally,” replied Harry Khachatarian.


“‘Pray for me please,’ she asks. Sorry. My prayers, my choice,” said Billy Ray.

“Anti-Muslim, anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer says she’s tested positive for the coronavirus. I’ll be celebrating tonight with pizza,” tweeted journalist David Leavitt.

“I, for one, am happy Laura Loomer got what she wanted,”

“COVID has been infected by Laura Loomer,” quipped Jake Lobin.

“The left is gleefully rejoicing in the fact that Laura Loomer got COVID What a bunch of assholes,” said Eric Spracklen.