Instagram to allow users to choose from 41 pronouns, woke mob complains that’s not enough

Instagram announced Wednesday that they will allow users to choose from a selection of 41 pronouns to add to their profile, but the new options have already sparked backlash.

The announcement brought an onslaught of feedback from many in the LGBTQ+ community claiming 41 just isn’t enough. “This is incredibly cool, but maybe can you please add an it/its option? some trans and nonbinary individuals like it/its pronouns,” one Twitter user replied.

Mocking the decision, one user replied by saying “What’s next? Race fields? Religion? Height? Disabilities?”

The lack of “neopronouns” in the list to choose from was very upsetting to some users.

Others said this is nothing more than a marketing stunt for more money and that Instagram doesn’t really support non-binary individuals.