Hummer explodes after filling four containers of gasoline at Florida station

Matt MillerMay 13, 2021

A Hummer burst into flames Wednesday after filing up several containers with gasoline at a Florida gas station.

Citrus County Firefighters deployed to the scene on South Alabama Avenue where they found a burning 2004 Hummer H2. The driver had just filled up four five-gallon containers of gasoline at the nearby Texaco Food Mart and stored them in the back of his vehicle, according to a spokesperson for Citrus County Fire Rescue.

The first responders were able to put out the flames within minutes of arriving. One person was injured but reportedly refused to get medical treatment against medical advisement.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection was called to help coordinate cleanup of the fuel spill.

The Florida State Fire Marshal will investigate and determine the official cause of the fire.

Tampa Bay officials have urged people not to "panic buy" gasoline amid the nationwide fuel shortages caused by a cyberattack last week on the Colonial Pipeline's distribution network. There is no reason for Floridians to be concerned over the shortages since the state received 90 percent of its gasoline from cargo ships, not domestic pipelines, officials said.

"The agencies across the government have acted quickly to mitigate any impact on our fuel supply," President Biden said in a statement Monday. "We're prepared to take additional steps depending on how quickly the company is able to bring its pipeline back up to capacity."

Tensions at gas stations have been high across the country due to shortages. A man and a woman in North Carolina got into a fistfight in a gas line after the woman spit through the man's car window. He then got out and spit on the woman, escalating the altercation into a fight between the two.

Author: Matt Miller

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