Harris loses to Trump in 2024 matchup: Poll

A new poll of likely voters found that former President Donald Trump would beat Vice President Kamala Harris in a hypothetical 2024 matchup. 

Among all likely voters, 49% said they would support former President Donald Trump over Vice President Kamala Harris, who received 45%, according to a McLaughlin & Associates poll. Independent voters also signaled that they would support Trump over Harris, with 49% saying they would support the Republican nominee over the Democrat. 

Asked if Trump “won the Republican nomination for President, would you vote for him in the 2024 general election,” 80% of Hispanic Republican primary voters said yes, while only 20% said no. Among GOP primary voters, 82% signaled that they would support Trump if he becomes the party’s 2024 nominee.

Those surveyed were asked to look ahead and decide how they would vote in the general election for president between Donald Trump and Kamala Harris. The poll gathered responses from 1,000 general election likely voters between May 12 and May 18. Results showed that Trump had support from 52% of suburban voters, and found that 64% of those surveyed believe Harris will become president before Joe Biden’s four-year term concludes. 

Back in February, Harris had a 35% disapproval rating, yet today, 48% disapprove of the job she’s done as VP. A probable cause of Harris’ decline may be her handling of the southern border. Harris has not yet visited the site of the crisis despite being put in charge of the situation back in April, which has prompted backlash. 

“The epicenter of the crisis is 800 miles away in the Rio Grande Valley,” Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said of Harris’ recent trip to El Paso, “the reason she didn’t go to the Rio Grande Valley is because that’s where the Biden cages are. That’s where you see cage after cage. . .[and] facilities with a rate of COVID positivity of 10%,” he continued. Harris does not, at this time, plan to travel to the site of the border crisis.

Despite spending over $39 million on her presidential run, Harris dropped out of the 2020 race before even the Iowa caucus. She polled especially poorly with black and Latino voters, as many felt she was inauthentic. Harris exited the race with a 12% polling average, up 5 points from 6.7% a month prior.