GOP flips Connecticut state senate seat in district Biden won by 25%

Republican Ryan Fazio defeated Democrat Alex Gevanter in Connecticut’s state Senate District 36, a district Joe Biden won by more than 25% in 2020.

“Congratulations to Ryan Fazio on running a strong campaign. His victory demonstrates that the people of Connecticut are sick and tired of the radical tax and spend agenda coming from Democrats in Hartford and in Washington, D.C.” said Dee Duncan, president of the Republican State Leadership Committee after Fazio’s win.

“With Democrats controlling Washington, it’s more important than ever that we have strong Republican leadership in the states. Tonight’s result is further evidence that Republicans are on offense this cycle, and the RSLC has no intention of slowing down when it comes to winning the tough fights ahead of us,” Duncan added.

“I am grateful beyond words to this community for the trust they have placed in me. I will work hard every day to validate it as your state senator. Now the real work begins: It’s time to bring a positive change to our state gov’t and a brighter future for CT,” Fazio said in a post-win tweet.

“The next generation is standing up as Republicans, and as candidates, and they are not afraid to make their voices heard and advocate for change,” said Connecticut Senate Minority Leader Kevin Kelly.

Fazio’s win is being held up by Republicans as an indication of their potential wins in the upcoming midterm elections. Democrats released an email following Fazio’s win echoing the same message.

“If we lose districts like this, ALL of our gains since 2018 could be at risk,” the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) wrote in an email to supporters, hinting at their concern for potential losses in 2022.

The Connecticut Senate is still overwhelmingly controlled by Democrats, with the party retaining 23 of 36 seats.

In June, Democrats were stunned to lose their mayoral race in McAllen, Texas, an area made up of 85% Latino residents.

“Javier Villalobos defeated Veronica Whitacre by only a couple hundred votes in the McAllen election. McAllen is in Hidalgo County, which voted for Hillary Clinton by over 40 points in 2016 and for Joe Biden by 17 points in 2020,” the Independent Chronicle reported at the time.