Good Samaritans break through truck windows to rescue driver, not fight him

People on an Atlanta interstate rescued a driver in medical distress on Sunday by breaking through his truck’s windows.

“I looked over to the right and I saw an older guy driving his car but he was leaned over. He had passed out,” says witness Juordin Carter

Good Samaritans jumped out of their vehicles to rush to the slowly rolling truck in the middle of the highway. They managed to bring it to a stop, and began trying to smash through the windows to get to the driver who appeared unconscious at the wheel. 

Carter videoed the incident on her cell phone, and posted it online. She said many viewers “tried to portray it as something that wasn’t what it was,” perceiving the incident as a fight, rather than a rescue.

One of the rescuers, Qua Tucker, is pastor at Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church. He rushed in to help, even though he was in dress clothes. Tucker and his friend also called 911 as they attempted to access the truck.

Tucker was assisted by many others who can be seen using a baby stroller, mallets, and what appeared to be a car jack to try to break the windows.

Eventually they were able to break a window and crawl into the truck to attend to and comfort the driver until emergency personnel arrived.

“I immediately got on the truck started [sic] kicking the rest of the windshield down, that is when I slid in and unlocked the door,” says Carter’s friend Jelani Campbell.

Campbell also called the man’s wife. “I stayed right there and let her know everything that’s going on and what hospital and to follow up and let us know.”

Emergency personnel arrived on scene and transported the man to the hospital. Reports say the man is alive and doing better, although he was still in the hospital Monday.

“Felt good to see people, strangers rather regardless of race, sexuality, politics, political views or what now come together to help someone else,” Tucker said.

“That was our prayer in the moment, that hey God, let’s please make sure this man is okay.”