Floyd Mayweather heard screaming ‘I’ll kill that mother f*****’ at Jake Paul after prank goes wrong

Floyd Mayweather could be heard screaming “I’ll kill that mother f***er,” at Jake Paul after the YouTuber tried to steal his hat at a press event on Thursday.

Paul was seen antagonizing Mayweather during a press event for their upcoming fight. At one point, Jake is seen trying to untie Mayweather’s shoelaces when he got close to the edge of the stage. Later, Jake grabbed Mayweather’s hat yelling “I’ve got your hat,” and ran away with it.

Mayweather and his bodyguards catch Jake as he failed to make it through a thick crowd of people. They retrieve the hat giving the Youtube star a black eye. Multiple security guards for both men got involved before police began to disperse the crowd. Mayweather, pulled away by his entourage, is later seen pacing back and forth down a hallway, screaming, “I’ll kill that mother f***er,” “Playing games? Taking my f***ing hat off.” “B**tch you don’t know who you f***ing with.”

Jake Paul, who changed his name to GOTCHA HAT shortly after the incident, tweeted a video of him panting, with a ripped shirt saying “It went good.”

Jake continued to tweet about his stunt saying “if I die, I died for the hat.”

Reactions to the incident spread across Twitter.

Jake and Logan Paul both appeared at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens to promote an upcoming fight between Mayweather and Logan. The fight, which is scheduled for June 6 is not an official boxing match and won’t count towards either of the athlete’s records.