Fan screams what sounds like racial slur during the Marlins game, but some say he was hailing mascot

A spectator at Coors Field was caught on video yelling what sounded like “N*****” at Miami Marlins player Lewis Brinson, but some fans claim he was only yelling for the Rockies’ mascot, “Dinger.”

The Rockies condemned the incident on social media, which is still being investigated, saying they were “disgusted” by it.

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The fan is heard hollering at the top of the 9th inning when Lewis Brinson is at-bat. Brinson didn’t react to the yelling, which was audible enough to be picked up on the TV broadcast. The clip has gone viral on social media, with heated debate about whether the unidentified fan screamed for the mascot or hailed Brinson by an offensive term.

“Very sad that Brinson’s success gets disrespected and overlooked by such a heinous act,” one fan tweeted

“We just can’t seem to move forward.  It’s a sad sad world that this keeps happening,” said another fan.

“Through good and bad times on the field, Lewis Brinson has always been a great professional and a fantastic person. Goes out, does his job, focuses on improving and has been a vital member of the community. We stand with him in defiance of today’s heinous act. #Marlins,” commiserated another.

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However, an increasing number of fans are convinced that the fan was merely hollering for the attention of Dinger, the mascot, and waving in his direction, not Brinson’s. 

“It sounds like the fellow in Denver may have been yelling “Dinger,” not what folks originally heard, at least to many who listen. MLB has been looking into it but so far no one nearby said they heard a racial epithet. So that may actually be positive news,” MLB Network’s Jon Heyman tweeted.

“Everyone is so quick to be offended and make false accusations of racism, but it’s VERY clear that the #Rockies fan is trying to get the attention of its mascot Dinger. He’s not even looking at the Marlins player,” said one fan.

“PSA:Dinger and the N-Word sound nothing a like [sic],” tweeted someone else.

“The waiving [sic] and looking away is what convinces me. If he was trying to hurt Brinson with a racial slur he’d be cupping his hands and directing it at him,” another fan theorized.

Brinson is an outfielder for the Miami Marlins. He previously played for the Milwaukee Brewers, who traded him to the Marlins in 2018. Brinson made the Marlins’ Opening Day roster in 2021 and currently has a batting average of 0.261.

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The Rockies did not immediately respond when contacted for comment on the investigation.