De Blasio blasted for ‘cultural appropriation’ photo-op with NYC Sikh community

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio received criticism after posting photos from an event with the Sikh Cultural Society on Sunday.

“New York City is fortunate enough to be home to one of the largest Sikh populations anywhere. It was my honor to join the Sikh Cultural Society and participate in the Dastar Bandhi turban tying ceremony with the community today,” de Blasio tweeted along with photos that many claimed were cultural appropriation.

Cultural appropriation? #michaelscottmuch,” said one Twitter user, referencing the main character Michael Scott from the television comedy “The Office.”

“The Michael Scott of NYC,” said Samuel Bravo, also referencing “The Office.”

“Don’t insult Michael Scott like that,” said another Twitter user.

Others hoped the Mayor would focus on the rising crime rate in the city rather than photo ops.

“How many people were shot this weekend,” replied Rob Taub.

“The city is also a high crime city – which makes it unsafe for everyone. Congratulations Bill. You have ruined NYC!” replied someone else.

“Not that you actually care, but you should know there was another shooting in Time Square,” said another.

The event took place at the Sikh Cultural Society in Richmond Hill, Queens, to show the Mayor’s solidarity with the Sikh community.

“Today, by the mayor putting on the turban we are just making that message clear: This is America, and one should not be judged from their appearance because we end up making judgments on their appearance and through the wrong judgment sometimes people die, which has happened especially after 911,” said Harpreet Singh Toor, chairman of public policy and external affairs for the Sikh Cultural Society.

“It is an honor because we are here today sending a message that the city—this country and this world—needs this message that we are all together,” de Blasio said.

“A message of respect. A message of inclusion. The Sikh community has contributed profoundly to New York City. I want to make it very clear New York City is a better place because of this community. We need this community; we cherish this community. And yet, in a world where there’s so much misunderstanding. And too many biases and prejudices, we have to fight every day, every one of us to remind people of these great contributions to remind people, the value of this community and why all of us need to stand shoulder to shoulder,” de Blasio continued.