Chris Rock slams cancel culture: creates ‘boring’ entertainment

Comedian Chris Rock says that cancel culture is disrespectful to audiences and is leading to “boring” entertainment across the board.

“It’s weird when you’re a comedian because when your audience doesn’t laugh, we get the message. Like, you don’t have to cancel us.” Rock said in an interview on The Breakfast Club Radio Show. “They’re not laughing. Our feelings are hurt. When we do something, and people aren’t laughing, we get it. I don’t understand why people feel the need to go beyond that.”

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“Honestly to me, it’s people disrespecting the audience,” he continued. “Like, ‘Oh, you think you know more than the audience?’ The audience knows more than everybody!”

Rock said that comedians are forced to play it safe and use bland content out of fear of being targeted by those who wish to cancel anyone who says anything deemed offensive.

“What happens is everybody gets safe, and nobody tries anything. Things get boring,” Rock said. “I see a lot of unfunny comedians, unfunny TV shows, unfunny movies because people are scared to make a move, and that’s not a good place to be. We should have the right to fail because failure is a part of art.”

“It’s the ultimate cancel, but now you got a place where people are scared to talk. ‘That’s not — especially in America — you’re scared to talk, but that’s what people want, you gotta make adjustments and, you know, let’s do it,” he added.

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Rock recently starred in the “Saw” sequel “Spiral” alongside Samuel L. Jackson. The movie was released on May 14.

Watch Rock’s full interview here:

Alec Baldwin recently slammed cancel culture after his wife Hilaria was the target of cancel culture after it was revealed that she has no Spanish heritage, as she has claimed in the past.

Baldwin himself fell victim to cancel culture in 2013 when he allegedly used a homophobic slur when confronting a photographer in New York City. His talk show was canceled due to the incident which Baldwin denies.