Trump supporter blasts Biden voters in gas line: 'I want my God d**n Trump back'

Matt MillerMay 17, 2021

A Trump supporter confronted people on video in a gas line, saying "I need Trump back!"

"Really? I need Trump back. Anybody else out there need their mother f***ing Trump back?" the Trump supporter asks the camera as he paces around a packed gas station.

"When was America ever great? We had gas, we had electricity, we had jobs, we had food. Now we're sitting at home with no gas, some people with no electricity, no jobs, waiting for a stimulus check, waitng on the God d**n extra food stamps. What's going on?" he continues. "We weren't going through this s**t for the last four years, we were winning!"

The man walked around the entire gas station as customers are filling their tanks or in their cars waiting in line.

"Tell me why you support Joe Biden right now," he shouts to the entire station. "People ain't got s**t to say no more. Just sitting around like sheep."

"All they can do is wait," he says as he points to the line of waiting cars, bending around the corner and going down the street.

Millions of Americans are facing fuel shortages following the Colonial Pipeline hack that occurred on May 7. A Russian cyber-criminal organization known as DarkSide has taken responsibility for the ransomware attack on the pipeline's network.

“While this situation remains fluid and continues to evolve, the Colonial operations team is executing a plan that involves an incremental process that will facilitate a return to service in a phased approach,” Colonial said in a May 10 press release.

Biden's opponents have criticized him for letting such a vital piece of infrastructure be attacked on his watch.

Author: Matt Miller

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