Biden met with raucous crowd giving middle fingers at Pennsylvania event

President Biden’s motorcade was met with a crowd of Trump supporters shouting and giving him the middle finger while arriving at an event in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

“Biden supporter gets drowned out by MAGA crowd outside Biden event,” tweeted the Jewish Deplorable.

“More footage of that crowd in Allentown, Pennsylvania that greeted Biden,” read a second tweet.

“Glad to see there are people in the area that still care for our country,” replied one Twitter user.

“And that’s the Beauty of America,” said another.

“I love it. Illegitimate president is right! Trump won,” said someone else.

“More votes than Obama, 80+ million, lost FL, OH, and the bell cow counties…nothing to see here,” replied another.

Biden was visiting a Mack Truck factory to tout U.S. manufacturing and campaign for bipartisan infrastructure that Democrats and Republicans are currently negotiating.

β€œI’m working with Democrats and Republicans to get this done,” the president said during his speech. β€œBecause while there’s a lot we don’t agree on, I believe we should be able to work together on the few things we do agree on.”