Biden administration turning America into ‘socialist hellhole,’ says North Carolina lieutenant governor

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson gave a fiery speech during the annual GOP state convention, blasting President Biden and urging American’s to “run toward trouble.”

“During 9/11, people running away from those burning buildings, running away in horror,…we saw policemen and firemen running to those buildings, basically running to their deaths, to go help others, because they saw trouble and they knew that they were needed,” Robinson said.

“That’s got to be us on this day, right here. We’ve got to run to the trouble, folks, he continued.

Robinson went on to explain the “troubles” plaguing America today.

“And what is the trouble? The trouble is the Biden administration that is seeking to turn this country into a socialist hellhole.”

“The trouble is antifa, that wants to roam the streets and beat you into submission,” he added. “The trouble is Black Lives Matter, that claims to care about the lives of black people, but it’s turned a blind eye while violence in black communities are taking lives at a genocidal rate. They’ve turned a blind eye.”

“That’s where the trouble is, and that’s what we’ve got to run to. We’ve got all the right in the world on our side. And there ain’t no reason to be afraid. And there ain’t no reason to not take the challenge dead-on.”

He urged American’s to embrace their heritage of hard work and stepping up when their country needed them the most.

“Cause I’m gonna tell you who we come from, folks. We don’t come from some weak jelly-back spineless people. That’s not who we come from, none of us. And it doesn’t matter what color you are, what nation your folks hail from, how much money you got. We all share the same name; we are Americans,” he added.

“And on 9/11, there were Americans who ran towards those burning buildings. That is who you share your heritage with. You do not share your heritage with a weak and ineffective people who cower at the sign of trouble.”

“You share your heritage with a strong and brave people who are determined to hold on to their freedom, and for the freedom of future generations.”

Robinson called upon Republicans to stand up and be the generation that fights for and preserves conservative values.

“Guys, it’s time for us to stand up and be that generation. It’s time to stand strong and proud and remember who we are. That we are Christians, that we are Americans, that we are Republicans, and that we are conservatives.”

“And, as long as we stand at the vanguard of freedom in this nation, freedom will survive here.”