Anti-mask protestors shut down CT Governors back-to-school round table discussion

A round table back-to-school discussion hosted by Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont Wednesday afternoon abruptly ended when it was disrupted by anti-mask and anti-vaccine protestors.

”The point of the round table was to discuss what we know works in schools. Despite the efforts of those who deny the science, it is clear to the scientific and academic community that masks work and will keep our children safe,’’ said Lamont’s spokesman Max Reiss.

The event came to a halt when Lamont departed the session after a group of angry parents, some with their children, stormed through, shouting anti-mask chants and carrying signs that read “unmask our children.”

“Bullying and these kinds of tactics won’t work when it comes to mitigating COVID-19,” Reiss added.

The parents began their protest once the discussion moved to COVID-19 topics and safety protocols, including mask mandates. One woman compared the mask mandates to 1930’s Nazi Germany.

#BREAKING: @GovNedLamont’s Back to School Roundtable was hijacked by anti-mask parents who kept shouting at Lamont and the panel of local and state educational leaders in Cheshire. @FOX61News,” tweeted reporter Matt Caron.

“Ned, is this what you want?” One man yelled.

“If you ever wondered if you’d comply in 1930’s Germany, the answer is yes! It’s yes!” another woman yelled.

Reactions to the protest were widespread across social media.

“Well done. We need more of this,” said one Twitter user.

“What horrible parents. DCS should make sure that those kids are safe,” said another.

“They aren’t anti-mask. They are pro choice. Decide what’s is best for your own children,” replied someone else.