American Medical Association slammed for calling for the removal of sex designation on birth certificates

The American Medical Association received immense backlash on social media after announcing their support for removing a person’s biological sex from birth certificates.

“Truly the entire world is losing its mind; even science-trained physicians,” said Pastor Miguel Núñez in response to WebMD’s tweet announcing the AMA’s decision.

“We unfortunately still live in a world where it is unsafe in many cases for one’s gender to vary from the sex assigned at birth,” said Jeremy Toler, MD, a delegate from GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBTQ Equality.

No longer including a person’s biological sex on birth certificates will reduce “unnecessary reliance on sex as a stand-in for gender,” he said, and would “serve as an equalizer” since policies differ by state.

Robert Jackson, MD, an alternate delegate from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, says he does not support the new proposal.

“We as physicians need to report things accurately,” Jackson said. “All through medical school, residency, and specialty training we were supposed to delegate all of the physical findings of the patient we’re taking care of. I think when the child is born, they do have physical characteristics either male or female and I think that probably should be on the public record. That’s just my personal opinion.”

Many reactions to the proposal to remove a person’s biological sex from their public birth certificate centered around the importance of physicians knowing a person’s biological sex in order to provide proper care for that individual.

“How will medical professionals know how to properly treat someone given that their biological differences might require a particular approach?” Said one Twitter user.

“It would make more sense to remove the word ‘Medical’ from the American Medical Association,” replied another.

“The MEDICAL association says what now? What is this reality denying craze? Sex is eminently important in health care. Everyone knows it. Sex matters. And it certainly matters more than internal feelings, personality, stereotypes or paraphilia,” said another.

This is literally a propaganda take over of truth. If there were more than 2 genders at human birth, nature would also have multiple genders in all animals. That’s literally never happened. All of nature is male or female gender. Truth: It’s a (rare) human psychology issue,” replied Jonathan T Gilliam, host of the Experts Podcast.

Others asked if applying the same logic – if “identifying” as something means it’s true – applies to vaccination status as well.

“Does “identity” change reality? If people identify as “vaccinate” are they really vaccinated? Would we be safe if everyone said: Those who identify as vaccinated are really vaccinated?” replied another Twitter user.

“It’s comforting to know that doctors (!) can now be bullied into disavowing science by political Maoists,” said another.

“There needs to be a senate investigation into how this cult managed to gain access to every arm of institutional power. The fact the AMA is promoting anti science and magical thinking over objective truth is extremely disturbing,” replied someone else.

Others mocked those who oppose the new proposal.

“[T]he amount of people here absolutely losing their minds over birth certificates as if medical records don’t exist separately. which will still, of course, state your chromosomal sex. [B]irth certificates do not serve a medical function, but instead a legal function,” said one proponent.

“[B]irth certificates are a political and legal document, not a medial record. Removing sex from it isn’t erasing its existence,” said someone else.

“Lots of bigots here missing the point. Absolutely nobody needs to know your sex except for your doctor, it doesn’t effect your employer, or your bank, or anything else you may need to bring your birth certificate to. Its not important and can put trans people in danger,” said another.